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About Us

Our Philosophy

Time honored beauty traditions from around the world

We believe there's a reason why certain beauty traditions have lasted for hundreds, if not thousands, of years. It's because the all powerful ingredients have withstood the test of time & have proven their potency over & over again. 

We have traveled the world to study gorgeous & effective beauty traditions that have been practiced for years and are on a mission to introduce these rituals & ingredients to you. Our curated collections are ethically sourced & all-natural - celebrating the fusion of nature, culture, tradition, & beauty.

We take pride in bypassing the current beauty movement of gimmicks, fads, & chemicals. We've had our own trends since 942 AD and are still being passed down from generation to generation in various pockets of the world. 

We also believe in paying it forward & 10% of all proceeds from sales of beautySEAFARI products are awarded to recipients of the beautySEAFARI Empowerment Program. Women entrepreneurs in countries where we ethically source our ingredients apply to receive a grant to help accelerate their business. 


Our Products

Ethically sourced

100% pure


Chemical free

Safe for all skin & hair types, tones, & sensitivities

Cruelty free



Packaged in recyclable bottles & jars


Our Founder

A culture anthropologist & beauty curator, Melissa Scott, founded beautySEAFARI with the intent of introducing time honored beauty rituals & traditions to beauty enthusiasts & professionals. Having navigated the globe for more than 30 years with work, study, & life tenures in South America, Asia, Central Asia, Europe, and the Caribbean, Melissa was intrigued by women who have endured harsh climate conditions on their skin & hair for centuries. She sought out to study their traditions using natural plants that have been passed down through generations. She found that the benefits & properties from those traditions are far superior to what's available on beauty counters today that are full or chemicals & synthetics.