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besan haldi
Besan Haldi Powder (for facial mask)

Besan Haldi Powder (for facial mask)

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Ethically sourced, all-natural 100% pure besan, ethically sourced all-natural 100% pure haldi

How to Use:

Put quarter size amount on hand and mix with a little water to make a thick paste. Rub onto face as a mask. Leave on face until mask is completely dry (approximately 10-15 minutes). Remove & rinse with warm water. Use weekly.

Suggestion - mix with any beautySEAFARI toners or mists (rose water, mint water, orange blossom water, sweetbrier water) instead of tap water.


Exfoliates skin & removes dead skin cells & impurities | Brightens skin | Reduces pigmentation & appearance of acne | Removes facial 'peach fuzz' | Promotes fresh skin cells growth | Leaves skin radiant & glowing

Beauty Tradition:

Used in the Indian continent for nearly a thousand years as a form of skin purification & detoxification, effective exfoliating, & body cleansing. Continues to be used in celebratory rituals.